Colombian Coffee

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About our Coffee

Life is like a cup of coffee. It’s about how you prepare it, in how you take it, but especially in understanding how it came into your hands, making each cup a unique experience.


Colombian coffee is the best soft coffee in the world thanks the way it’s produced and to the ideal altitude, latitude and temperature for its cultivation. Also for the work of the coffee grower and the rigorous collection of mature grains, to their flavor, the result of the washing process as a method of artisanal production, but also to the variety of special coffees in the country, the investment of the last decade in R&D and the processes related to environmental sustainability, the organic vocation and the social transformation activities of their populations, which they carry with them.

Beyond world recognition, a less tangible aspect, but of great importance for the success of Colombian coffee, is its producers. The care and passion, dedication and love of the coffee growers towards their plantations and the process makes our coffee excel above other coffees.

A key factor in coffee quality is the balance between its different attributes and characteristics. Colombian Coffee is characterized by being a drink with a clean cup, with acidity and medium / high body, pronounced and complete aroma, these qualities can be obtained as long as the appropriate plant species and varieties are sown for a particular environment, characterized for being a tropical high mountain area with particular soil types and climate, and careful processes are carried out in the process of crops, in the collection of grain and in post-harvest processes.

Special quality features begin with the selection of the appropriate plant and genetic material. For this reason, only 100% coffee of the Arabica species is grown in Colombia, which produces a softer drink.

A 100% Café de Colombia brand is guaranteed because it contains only "the best coffee in the world", without coffees of other origins mixed therein.

This is why we are committed to provide our customers a Colombian Coffee of superior quality, from the land of coffee.


Montebello, Antioquia


Inzá, Cauca


Algeciras, Huila